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101 Lore Lane

Leadington mo


phone 844-347-4448

Fax 573-327-8589

Our optical lab at

your doorstep

Today's technology permits an easier way to deliver safety eyewear. Our mobile unit will save you time, money, and make everyone in your business more efficient because they will have optimal ANSI approved safety glasses on the same day they order them.


In the age of rapid manufacturing, why wait? Don't put your employees' eye at risk while waiting for proper glasses. Don't make multiple visits to an office. With our mobile lab, you won't.


We manufacture our own lenses so we can produce quality safety glasses at better than competitive rates. No shipping costs, no dispensing fees. 


Manufacturing our own lenses allows us to establish and maintain our own high level of quality. We source our raw lens materials from the world's leading lens company and only work with reputable safety frame manufacturers.